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SPD flash tool, also known as SpreadTrum flash tool is the newly developed tool for flashing PAC/ P5C firmware files for Android devices. The latest SPD upgrade tool is packed with the newest patches and fixed bugs from the earlier versions. SPD Flash is very user-friendly and simple to use. All users can download the latest version through the direct download links on the download section. Spreadtrum Upgrade Tool is very similar to SP Flash Tool but supports flashing the device with SPD CPU [eg: iTEL Android device] while SP Flash supports mobile devices with MTK CPUs. Spreadtrum chipsets only compatible with the SPD Upgrade Tool to flash PAC and/ or P5C firmware files. Bin packet load error widely encounters and an upgraded tool version released to correct errors entitled SPD Research Tool. Write IMEI is needed at the end of the flash and use WriteIMEI or Read&Write Tool is recommended.

What is SPD Research Tool?

Flashing Spreadtrum chipset installed smartphone is the major task of SPD Research Tool. This is an upgraded version of the SPD flash tool released by the same developer. This tool will help you to flash stock firmware/ recovery, custom recovery or the root package on Spreadtrum devices. Choose multi-languages on Androids, configure the LCD settings, MCP Type, Read/ Erase/ Write active flash, volume frequency tuning are alternative features. If the device reports "Bin Packet load error" with SPD flash tool, try flash firmware with SPD Research Tool. The research tool replaces the SPD upgrade tool and inbuilt with the same features also officially created by Spreadtrum Communications Inc.

Special Notice: The SPD Research Tool is compatible only with "PAC" firmware. None of "P5C and PAC.5C" firmware types are flashed by the SPD Research Tool.

SpreadTrum Flash tool New Features

Simple User Interface
  • The simple interface provides the easy firmware load ability and flashing the firmware.
Flash .PAC firmware
  • Just add the firmware and click "Start Download" to start the flashing the device using PAC firmware on Android smartphones and tablets.
Flash P5C Firmware
  • Supports flashing P5C firmware, a rare firmware found only in a few devices.
Supports Multi Languages
  • Facility to add more languages and configurations on the device OS and work only when special NV and userimg files are added to supports the configuration of the device.

Download SPD Flash Tool

The newly released SPD flash tool R21.0.0001 is now available to download. If any matter, use the latest version of SPD Research Tool to flash ".pac" firmware. Download and install the latest version of Spreadtrum USB driver software is essential. Find the correspondent firmware file that runs the Android device. Incorrect firmware always bricks/ damages devices instantly.

Important: Use "spdflashtool" as the password to unzip the files.

How to Flash Android Smartphone with SPD UpgradeTool

  • step 01: Download SPD Flash latest version from above links.
  • step 02: Check/ update the SpreadTrum driver for your device. If you do not have the drivers install/ update it for the latest version.
  • step 03: Find and Get the ROM/ firmware [.pac] file according to your device.
  • step 04: unzip the downloaded file for the new folder.
  • step 05: Run SpreadTrum Upgrade tool. [.exe]
  • step 06: Connect your device, your device needs to be switched off
  • step 07: After connecting your device --> Load Pocket and select PAC/PAC5 file for the connected device.
  • step 08: Click/ Select “Start Downloading"
  • step 09: Follow the instruction appears and continue the flashing.
  • step 10: The device will reboot automatically during the flashing.
  • step 11: A successful flashing appears a passed message in green color on the tool.

Special Points to Remember

  • SPD Upgrade Tool and the Research Tool only compatible with Spreadtrum chipset installed smartphones.
  • Especially the research tool activates against only ".pac" files. This is not supported with ".p5c and pac.5c" firmware types.
  • Download and save the correct firmware to an easily reachable location.
  • Use a personal computer only to utilize SPD tools. An APK file format is not released.
  • All Windows versions compatible with the flash tool. Available to download SPD flash up to Windows 10.
  • Use only a recommended USB data cable to connect the mobile to the PC.
  • Unzip the downloaded folder before using the tool. Both WinRAR and 7Zip can use for unzipping.
  • Flash an Android can be harmful. Take a proper backup and use the correct stock firmware.
  • Flash custom recovery and root package cause voiding the device warranty.

Important Note for Android SPD Flash Download

  • If SpreadTrum upgrade tool gives an error Bin Packet, then download the latest version and new copy of SPD tool and .pac file according to your device. Most probably this happens from old versions and corrupted data.
  • The Research Tool also corrects the "Bin Packet Loar Error" but it does not compatible with ".p5c & pac.5c" file formats.
  • Keep in mind to write IMEI at the end of Spreadtrum stock flash. Checkout WriteIMEI/ Read&WriteIMEI tools.

SpreadTrum FlashTool Smartphone Flash Video Tutorial

The Spreadtrum flash tool comes with enhanced features and you can download this directly from the download section. Always download the latest available tools and drivers. That will be the most compatible version for your android smartphone.SPD Flash would like to thank spflashtool.com for delivering the information on SPD Upgrade tool and spdflash.com for SPD flash tool download links.

More Tools from Spreadtrum Inc

SPD FRP tool and SPD IMEI repair tool released by the Spreadtrum Communication Inc. Repair Androids is focused task of alternative tools. An advanced system protection can merge with FRP and IMEI Repair tools.

  • SPD FRP Tool

The SPD FRP represents Spreadtrum factory reset protection. The FRP system activates automatically on Android 5 Lollipop version to upwards. A Goole account is needed for the execution. If someone needs flashing the device without your confirmation, the device will automatically lock due to SPD FRP utility.

Boot the device to the recovery mode, press volume down, choose Reboot to Bootloader. Now the device will run in Fastboot mode. Connect the device to the SPD FRP running PC using a recommended USB data cable. Enter the respective number displays in the menu and press enter to handle SP FRP. Click here to download the FRP tool.

  • SPD IMEI Repair Tool

Download SPD IMEI Repair Tool on a Windows PC and execute the app. The instruction notes will prompt. Enter the IMEI number and click the save option. Reboot the device and once started, the tool will replace the IMEI number.


SPD flash tool released only for Spreadtrum Android flash. This also called Spreadtrum Upgrade Tool. Flash ".pac" firmware including versions ".p5c and pac.5c". The tool upgraded to the latest SPD Flash R21.0.0001 version improving the flash structure and flattening the UI more user-friendly. Compatibility with more languages and the LCD configuration features with special NV and userimg files. The best alternative tool is SPD Research Tool which released with the same features. Note that the research tool does not compatible with ".p5c and pac.5c" firmware types. Write IMEI is essential at the end of a successful stock recovery flash. Find and download the optimal stock (.pac) recovery file. The flash possible to brick devices and eliminate internal and external storages. Take a complete backup and remove SD card if available for the protection.

Special Thanks

SPD Flash Tool AKA Spreadtrum Upgrade Tool and SPD Research tool are created by Spreadtrum Communications Inc. Full credit goes them for the great development. Download SPD Flash Tool on Windows for Spreadtrum Android flash to repair software errors officially.