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SPD flash tool, also known as SpreadTrum flash tool is the newly developed tool for flashing PAC/ PAC5 files for android devices. The latest SPD upgrade tool is packed with the newest patches and fixed bugs from the earlier versions. SPD Flash is very user-friendly and simple to use with. You can find direct download links on the download section. Spreadtrum Upgrade Tool is very similar to SP FlashTool [ SPFlashTool.com] but supports flashing the device with SPD CPU [eg: iTEL android device] while SP Flash supports device with MTK CPUs.

SpreadTrum Flash Tool Download

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SPD Upgrade Tool Download

Use Password - spdflashtool

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SpreadTrum flash tool comes with enhanced features and you can download this directly from the download section. Always download  the latest available tools and drivers. That will be the most compatible version for your android smartphone.SPD Flash would like to thank spflashtool.com for delivering the information on SPD Upgrade tool and spdflash.com for SPD flash tool download links.